Why You Should Have Commercial Concrete Planters for Crowd Control

Why You Should Have Commercial Concrete Planters for Crowd Control

Industrial facilities and small businesses make many thoughtful and strategic decisions that, if all goes according to plan, go largely unnoticed by the patrons who attend throughout the day. For instance, even decisions that might look purely aesthetic may have more practical motivations than you’d think.
Take the standard commercial concrete planter, for example. These are largely decorative, concrete pots for plants. While customers and patrons might assume these large planters only exist to beautify a public space with greenery, we’ll discuss 5 additional purposes these planters serve for crowd control, security, and more.

 5 reasons to have commercial concrete planters:

1. Large commercial concrete planters can double as security bollards, keeping pedestrians or patrons safe from traffic.

If unfamiliar, security bollards are the simple metal or concrete posts which often separate pedestrian walkways, bike paths, or sidewalks from nearby traffic. Just as bollards create a separation from traffic and increase pedestrian safety, large concrete planters can function in this very same way. In fact, this is a common use for large concrete planters, and you’ll frequently see these structures placed throughout pedestrian streets and walking malls. This prevents vehicles from mistakenly turning down these pedestrian-only streets without interrupting the aesthetic of these tourist areas.


2. Large commercial concrete planters dissuade vehicular vandalism, just as security bollards do.

Just as security bollards are often placed in front of storefronts to prevent vandalism by vehicle impact, large planters offer a more attractive option for this very same goal. Large planters like these are made of solid concrete and can weigh as much as 1,000 lbs. Placing these sturdy structures in front of vulnerable store fronts prevents vehicle break ins without interrupting pleasant storefront design. This can help store owners increase security without the use of more industrial looking bollard solutions.

3. Large commercial concrete planters offer crowd control, directing the flow of traffic as intended.

These planters can also be used to replace less attractive barricades, giving subtle but powerful indications of where pedestrians are meant to walk. Or similarly, these concrete planters can block off access to passages where pedestrians are not meant to enter. All of this is achieved more subtly than would be seen with standard barricades.

4. Large commercial concrete planters add privacy for seating areas.

Perhaps one of the more obvious uses for large concrete planters is to provide privacy for seating areas and courtyards. Greenery alone is often used for this purpose, but when paired with large concrete planters, the privacy barrier is more powerful and more permanent as well.

5. Large commercial concrete planters beautify spaces.

Lastly and most obviously, concrete planters help make spaces look more intentional and beautiful, and less empty. Though the effect may be subtle, empty spaces make customers feel less invited and less inclined to stick around. Adding plants in large decorative planters is perhaps the easiest way to add beauty and the appearance of intentional into a space. With this one simple site furnishing, a space looks more complete.

If you are part of a site furnishing team, you’ll now know the many multiple functions these concrete planters satisfy. Not only do these structures contribute to decorative schemes, the 5 points above demonstrate how large concrete planters can also make your property and its patrons more comfortable and more safe. These are all important functions which can be efficiently solved with this one site furnishing piece. 

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