Why Buy Used Warehouse Racks?

Why Buy Used Warehouse Racks?

There are a few advantages of buying used warehouse racks but the key consideration, as with buying all used equipment, is the saving it offers. Used racking can save thousands of dollars to a business, whether getting used cantilever racks or any other type of used racking.

Along with price, there are some extra bonuses to used racking – here are some key considerations and guidelines for buying used warehouse racks.

Used Racking Saves Money

This is the most important factor. Used warehouse racks are very cheap compared to new ones, partly because they prohibit your ability to choose the color and dimensions of the racks, and partly because distributors often sell them without a warranty.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that used racking is less reliable – top brands should last almost indefinitely with proper maintenance. However, it is worth considering working with a trusted supplier when purchasing used racking. In doing so, you can be more certain that they have performed proper checks and your racking will be fit for purpose.

Used Racking Can Arrive Faster

Since racking and other storage hardware is often made-to-order, fulfilling the specific aesthetic needs and load-bearing requirements of the purchaser, the purchaser typically needs to wait for manufacture and the delivery. Used racking is ready to go, which means that as soon as you place the order, it only needs the time taken for delivery before you can begin the installation.

This is particularly useful for last-minute or spontaneous operations. In any case, most racking conforms to standardized sizes anyway so the lack of control over its dimensions may be completely unimportant. Additionally, even used racking is largely modular and you should be able to customize parts to meet your needs well enough.

Used Racking is More Environmentally Friendly

What good is it buying new racking when there is a perfectly serviceable option available? Re-using old racking is a great way of lowering the environmental footprint of your business. You can highlight that fact to your clients, adding to the conscientious capital of your company in its projected image.

Buying Used Racks Intelligently

At the end of the day, used racking can get the job done just as well as new racking. Even if aesthetic is really important, you can pay a company – sometimes the supplier – to paint the racks according to your specifications.

However, you should bear in mind the following cautions when buying racking:

  • No warranty means you should always purchase from a trusted supplier.
  • Inspect the hardware yourself, if possible, and make your own checks.
  • Ask about the specifications and consider an option which excessively exceeds your requirements, just to be safe.

Following these ideas and using your own instincts can inform a wise purchase for any storage hardware. Savvy warehouse managers can increase profit margins by choosing used warehouse racking when looking for used cantilever racks for sale, or any other hardware purchase.