What is leak detection service and When do you need it?

What is leak detection service and When do you need it?

Most homeowners have installed an effective plumbing system in their home. You will note that this system normally allows you to get water into your home. This system also helps you to get rid of dirty water and sewage out of your home. This is the reason why you should ensure that your plumbing system is in a good condition. However, this is not always the case. There are instances when there might be a leakage in your home. Sometimes, it is

difficult to tell whether there are leaking pipes in your home or not. This is normally the case when your pipes are located in a hidden area. You might therefore end up incurring huge water bills due to leaking pipes. In this case, you should hire a leak detection service in order to mitigate this problem.

However, what is leak detection? This basically refers to the process of determining whether there is a leakage within your plumbing system or not. If you are looking for quality leak detection services, you should choose Gillies Group. You will note that we have professional plumbers who can detect leaks for you more professionally. We are usually based in Perth. Our company is always well-equipped with the right tools needed in order to

detect water leaks in your home. We can also help to unclog blocked drains in your home. There are many instances when you need leak detection services.

These include:

1. Presence of a high water bill

Most homeowners usually receive their water bills at the end of the month. Some homeowners usually pay high water bills while others usually pay low water bills. The amount of money that you will spend on your water bills will be determined by the water consumption in your home. If you notice your water bill is highly different from the last few ones without having made drastic changes at home, it might be a good idea to hire leak detection services. In this case, you can contact us and we shall fix this problem for you. If you notice that your water bill has

increased all of a sudden, you might have some leaking pipes at home. In this case, you should hire us to detect the leakage and repair your pipes.

2. You hear water running even when the faucets are off

There are instances when you might hear that there is some water running in your home and you have not opened your taps. This is an indication that there is a water leakage in your home. In this case, you should contact us so that we can check this problem for you. In addition, if the water pressure is low but you still hear water in the pipes, there might be a water leakage in your home. This can actually cause water damage in the long run and make you pay a high water bill.

3. Presence of moulds on the walls and surface of your home

You will note that moulds usually like growing in moist places. If your home has a water leakage, moulds might grow on the walls of your house. They might also grow in your basement. If you spot some moulds on the wall of your house, you should hire us to repair the leaking pipes in your home.

4. If your ceiling is stained

If you notice that your ceiling is stained, there might be a leaking pipe in your home. You should not therefore neglect this sign. In addition, if you notice that the wall of your house is stained or has dingy looking spots, there might be a water leakage in your home. If this problem is not mitigated in good time, your ceiling might start sagging and it might eventually collapse. You should therefore hire us to detect and fix this problem for you.

5. Presence of wet spots in your home

You might actually find wet spots in your home at one time or another. This could be outside your home or on the lawn. You should not neglect this problem. There might be some leaking pipes outside your home. If you have this problem at home, you can hire us to fix it for you.

If you notice that your foundation has cracks, there could be a leaking pipe that is causing this problem. You should not hesitate to contact us and we shall mitigate this problem for you. We are experts in this area. We are well trained on how to deal with these issues out there. We can still help to unblock your drains.Hire our Perth plumbing services today and we shall offer quality water detection services to you. Our services are truly incredible.

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