What is a Dental Crown and When Might You Need One?

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a fitting, typically made using either porcelain acrylic, which fits over the entire surface of a damaged tooth or dental implant. The result of dental implant crown restoration is a natural-looking prosthetic which blends into your smile. Dental crowns are both cosmetic and functional, as they can help prevent further damage to the tooth below.

Crowns are used to cap dental implants, creating a natural looking and feeling replacement for a missing tooth. As custom-made prosthetic fittings, dental crowns typically feel natural after a short period and fit comfortably into your natural bite.

There are a few different scenarios which could necessitate the need for a dental crown. In many cases, dental crowns can offer a permanent solution which can last as long as an original tooth.

When a Tooth is Badly Damaged

A tooth that suffers heavily from damage, like cracking, decay or simply have large cavities, might not be suited to more conservative treatments. Fillings, inlays, and onlays can help to preserve more of an original tooth suffering from minor decay. However, crowns provide greater protection and strength to a damaged tooth.

Tooth grinding and other stresses on teeth can create cracks, while cavities render a tooth vulnerable to further damage. By fitting a crown, which completely covers the surface of a tooth, it is possible to more evenly distribute bite force and other stresses. Ultimately, a crown is an excellent way to preserve damaged teeth and prevent further damage for patients whose teeth are at risk.

To Cap off a Dental Implant

If a tooth is lost, the most permanent and potentially the most comfortable solution is to fit a dental implant. Securing directly to the bone, these titanium devices effectively replicate the feeling of natural teeth. To cap off the implant and create a natural-looking smile with a comfortable feel, dentists will typically recommend a custom-made dental crown.

Dentists, trained in dental implant crown restoration in Farmington Hills, MI, can serve patients from the entire state. The practice of fitting dental implants is increasingly becoming the standard way to replace missing teeth.

After Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a slightly infamous treatment. Modern dentistry has made great strides in improving the relatively painless application of root canal therapy.

This treatment is an important step in saving a tooth, where the soft inner pulp containing the nerve and blood vessels has become infected. Replacing the soft tissue with hard material can preserve the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. However, the process can render a tooth vulnerable and often a suitable cap is needed for continued protection.

A dental crown is one option to cap off the tooth after root canal therapy, which can help the tooth to last a lifetime in some cases if properly maintained.