US Armed Forces Eyes for New IT Innovation to Strengthen Security

US Armed Forces Eyes for New IT Innovation to Strengthen Security

Discussions were in at the Hahn Auditorium in Mountain View California during the SINET IT Security Entrepreneurs forum to tackle issues on the use of information technology and the security concerns that go along with it. Toronto IT solutions experts and other IT experts around the globe had their eyes fixed on the event. Among the speakers was Lt. General Robert Ferrell, CIO of the US army. Ferrel sent a subtle message that the US armed forces is on the lookout for new generation technology to replace its conventional means of data management. The title of the discussion was “Moving Past Conventional IT” when Ferrel hinted IT security entrepreneurs that there is an imminent need for IT solutions that can afford the government agency a more secured means of managing information.

Even an organization as secured and as highly regarded as the US armed forces has been subject to assaults and eventual loses caused by information security breech. Issues emanating from weapon control systems that accept no real-time intervention in the middle of an operation sparked the new interest for a new solution. The more information the US defense is dealing with the greater the need for security becomes.

The growing database including the amount of workload increase in the current Information technology infrastructure for the US army has finally taken its toll on the organization. The growing database meant larger and more capable systems to facilitate the management. The current capacity shows that it has reached its limits in the form of latency issues being observed.

Security is another pressing issue raising the demand for a more secured IT solution. Ferell admitted to an incidence of data compromise caused by a Legacy hardware. This placed a huge amount of data utilized for international operations in danger of exposure and misuse. A huge amount of resources are also being allocated to maintain hp printer technical support security measures on existing IT solutions. This means a huge chunk of the effort in ensuring security is allocated on creating a solid system of identifying, issuing and revoking access for various areas and levels of function.

The current set-up of various national defense sectors in terms of IT solutions lie on separate platforms. The Department of defense has gained the approval of all sectors to exert more efforts in consolidating systems to one platform in a project tagged as Joint Information Environment. The ambitious project aims to unite the armed forces information with the other defense sectors to facilitate easier and faster data management. This cannot be made possible using the current infrastructure. This goal makes the need for a new IT solution more pressing than any other time in the past.

The announcement of the US armed forces’ interest for a new Information technology solution should spark competition among giant IT companies. This could mark the beginning of a competitive period of innovation, presentation and negotiations to be made in search of this magical solution.

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