Tooth Brushing Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Tooth Brushing Mistakes And How To Fix Them

As easy as it may seem to do, very few of us brush our teeth as well as we could. Thankfully, where there are mistakes, there are ways to fix them. So today we’re sharing the most common mistakes and how to correct them

columbia dentistry1. You pick the wrong brush.

How do you choose from the mind-melting selection of brushes at your local supermarket? Sometimes people think that the harder the bristles are, the more they’ll clean, but that’s not something that’s necessarily true. Soft bristles clean very effectively, and the hard bristles actually can wear down your tooth structure.

2. You brush too hard.
When it comes to brushing, harder isn’t better. One of the biggest issues that people have is that they try to scrub their teeth too hard because they feel if that don’t, they’re not doing the right job. In fact, plaque is soft and loose, so you don’t have to scrub.

3. You rush.
You should brush at least twice a day for 2 minutes each time. But if you’re late for school or work, or you want to get to bed, once in a while, you need to cut that brushing short. So if you can get a timer and set it for 2 minutes, that’s great.

4. You hold on too long.
When you find a good toothbrush, it’s sometimes hard to give it up. But when you see changes in the bristles – when they become discolored, bent, or dirty looking – it’s time to replace it. (We recommend at least every 3 to 4 months.)

5. You use a back and forth motion.
It’s a common brushing mistake to brush your teeth, left to right. Start from the gum, and go up and down, in little circular, up-and-down motions.

6. You neglect the gum line.
Bacteria often hang out where your tooth meets your gum. Brushing your teeth means brushing your whole tooth, or at least everything you can get to with your brush.

7. You go in too soon.
It’s tempting, sometimes, to immediately run to the restroom to get rid of the remnants of that meal you just consumed. We recommend waiting 15 or 20 minutes, so the saliva in your mouth to do its work on the acid before you brush.

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