The KAI Group: Knives and More

The KAI Group: Knives and More

The KAI Group comes from a long and ancient tradition of forging blades, since its founding in Seki city, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Japanese know this town as a historical forging location, with a history in the craft spanning over 800 years. Originating as a kitchen knife and razor manufacturer, with various child branches, KAI Group later took over the Kershaw pocket knife brand in 1977.

Since then, KAI Group subsidiaries have continued to produce high-quality steel for a range of applications. It is a behemoth of the blade industry, spanning the cooking, grooming, beauty care and medical fields – as well as the knife market for hiking, everyday carry, and self-defense.

Kershaw pocket knife

Origins of the KAI Group

Back in 1908, Sajiro Endo began business operations in Seki, the historic forging town. The company changed names a number of times and started new trends in Japan.

In 1932, operating under the name “Seki Safety Razor Manufacturing Co.,” it became the first manufacturer of disposable blade razors in the country. Over the years, the company became KAI Group. By the end of the 1970s, KAI Group had expanded globally into the USA, Hong Kong and Germany. Today, the company is one of the largest manufacturers and distributers of sharp-edge blades in the world.


When KAI expanded into the United States, it made its mark by acquiring the existing Kershaw brand, combining the Japanese and American philosophies in both products and business practices.

Kershaw developed award winning pocket knives and gained a reputation which carried through into the digital age. Today you can find many examples of a Kershaw pocket knife for sale online.

Additional brands include Zero-Tolerance, a manufacturer of very robust knives with a size and which show off size and appeal primarily to an enthusiast audience. Shun Cutlery and KAI Housewares also cater to the needs of home-use knives, demonstrating KAI Groups influence in multiple US markets.

Future of the KAI Group

KAI Group has a customer focus, which aims to produce the best product possible related to the various niches the company where the competes. Their self-stated goals include plans for their products to form “part of the daily lives of people throughout the world.”

Its array of products is already closing in on 10,000, making them one of the most prolific product developers of all time in the industry. By continuing to produce high-quality knives and other sharp blades, it is likely that consumers around the world will be using KAI Group products for years to come.