The Challenges and Solutions in Producing Potent, Full Spectrum Pine Pollen Tinctures

The Challenges and Solutions in Producing Potent, Full Spectrum Pine Pollen Tinctures

Commonly used to boost testosterone levels, pine pollen is a powerful natural remedy which boasts a huge number of health and wellness benefits. Brimming with 200+ vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, pro-androgenic compounds, adaptogenic compounds and many more beneficial components, pine pollen releases its real potential in the form of a pine pollen tincture.

While you can take pine pollen in capsule, tablet and powder form, pine pollen tinctures really are the best way to take full advantage of everything the tonic has to offer. The alcohol contained within the tincture effectively extracts the herbs, creating a constant solution easily absorbed by the body. The active compounds directly cross through the cell membrane and enter the blood supply immediately without needing to be first digested.   

Challenges in creating pine pollen tinctures

The main problem people come across when trying to create a powerful pine pollen tincture is that pine pollen absorbs a huge amount of liquid. This makes it impossible to get a high-ratio extract, since you can’t extract the alcohol from the powder.

Many companies claim their pine pollen tinctures are “dual extracts” because they’re extracted in a combination of ethanol and water. But technically, this technique doesn’t result in a dual extract. At RAW Forest Foods, we can honestly say we offer genuine dual extract pine pollen tinctures.

How we solved them to create our RAW Forest Foods pine pollen tinctures

When we set out to develop a pine pollen tincture, we knew we wanted it to be as potent and effective as possible. So the traditional extraction method other companies use wasn’t going to be good enough. We needed to come up with something superior.

We make our pine pollen tinctures in a domestic, FDA cGMP facility using a combination of filtered water, pharmaceutical grade ethanol and heat. We create a decoction of the menstruum (a solution of herbs, alcohol and water) which is thoroughly stirred then kept in storage for two weeks to ensure maximum extraction.

When full extraction has taken place, we press the menstruum to separate the liquid from the solid substance before filtering it and finally storing it in reusable opaque bottles which keep the contents fresh.

RAW Forest Foods’ pine pollen tinctures provide a 2:1 ratio. This means our tincture is 20 times more concentrated than tinctures produced by other companies. When using this ratio, each tincture dropper holds the equivalent of 2.4g of fresh pine pollen.

Our method produces a cleaner and more potent tincture than you can get via any other method. It’s more involved, expensive and time-consuming. But it’s the only way to create a true dual extract tincture that allows our customers to reap the full benefits of pine pollen.

Other ways RAW Forest Foods’ pine pollen tinctures are different

It’s not just our extraction method that makes our pine pollen tinctures superior. It’s our ingredients, too. We harvest single source Mountain Harvest RAW Pine Pollen to create our tinctures. As the first company to introduce pine pollen to the US, we’re privileged to have developed long, trusting relationships with our wild-harvesters.

We’ve traveled to the source site, we’ve chatted with the harvesters, we’ve admired the pristine forests with our very own eyes. This is the only way we can ensure we only ever use the highest quality, highest integrity pollen in our products.

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