How to Stay Safe with Electricity in our Lives

How to Stay Safe with Electricity in our Lives

Our lives currently run on electricity. Our smartphones, lights, cooking equipment and even cars are all going electric. With electricity, however, there is the eminent danger of being electrocuted if there is a fault on the electric lines. We give you tips on how to stay safe living with electricity.

⦁ Cap all unused electric outlets
If a power outlet does not have a cable plugged in, cover it to prevent small kids and animals from poking their fingers and paws into the holes. It also saves lots of energy.

⦁ Avoid plugging in too many items in an outlet
There are those who use many items with a single outlet or extension cable. Most outlets are not meant to handle more than a few items in our homes. Overloading them will only lead to the likely occurrence of a fire or electric failure.

⦁ Refrain from pulling on power cords
If you are to remove a certain appliance from the wall, it is best to first switch off the wall outlet then remove the plug from the wall. Yanking on the cable will only lead to damage on the cable leading to likely electrocution.

⦁ Let adults do the complex tasks
If a child or other person not able carry out certain tasks in the home needs to fix an electric appliance, they should seek another party to handle it. Shaky hands will likely lead to the wrongful connections of electric appliances which may lead to electrocution.

⦁ Keep electric cables kept away
Pets and kids are fond of playing with cables and they may chew on them. If they expose the inner wires, their electrocution is almost a guarantee. Keep them neatly tucked away in safe places.

⦁ Look out for power lines when climbing trees
Most power lines are connected near trees. With time, the tree grows and gets into contact with the power lines. This makes parts of the tree live with electricity. If you decide to climb the tree, make effort to check it for any nearby lines. You will be saving your life.

⦁ Watch out for power lines when using outdoor equipment
When you’re climbing a ladder or other outdoor equipment, always make sure you have positioned them away from power lines. Ladders are especially dangerous as they may topple over and get into contact with power lines.

⦁ Avoid fences near power stations and substations
The fences around these substations are often not safe to touch or play with. Due to the high electric charge in the stations, the fences are often live with electricity. It is also a security measure to keep evil people with evil intentions.

⦁ Avoid flying kites near electric lines
Children may fly kites near power lines and electrified fences. Unknown to them, the lines of the kites may conduct electricity either due to being wet or made of metals. It is advisable to stay away from these lines when flying kites or other such items.

⦁ Keep electric items dry
Water is a good conductor of electricity and most cases of death or personal injury from electricity occur in relation with water. When cleaning the house, switch off all power outlets lest they come into contact with water. When one notices any wetness on electric equipment, they should immediately shut it off, clean it dry and the use it again.
With these rules, one will live harmoniously with electric power around them. Modern electric appliances are fitted with fuses to keep them safe but taking personal measures like the ones here will increase the level of safety to better levels.

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