Small Knife Gift-Giver Guide

Small Knife Gift-Giver Guide

Those looking to buy a small spring assisted pocket knife as a gift must consider several factors before making any purchases. To surprise the man or woman in your life with a quality pocket-knife, make sure to consider the materials of the blade, handle, and sheath, grip size, durability, weight, length, edge, blade shape, and more. These knives can range from $1 to over $250, so be sure to examine all features to get the best value for your money!


Look for blades made of carbon steel if you value longevity and durability. If you are looking for blades that don’t require a lot of rust prevention, look for stainless steel. Stainless steel blades will require more frequent sharpening than carbon steel blades.


The blade’s edge can be plain, fully serrated, or a combination of the two (partially serrated). A plain blade edge is more suited to push cuts but cannot saw. A fully serrated edge is not very precise but great for sawing. The combo has the advantages of the other two but is difficult to sharpen.

There are many different types of blades, including, but not limited to: clip point, Tanto point, needle point, pen, straight black, and hawkbill. Each type is designed for particular situations and uses. For example, the hawkbill, named so for its curved top, is best for cutting rope.

Thick blades can be very strong, but depending on the material, may also be heavy and cumbersome to carry around on a daily basis.


A small spring assisted pocket knife will be much safer to use with a textured handle that provides a non-slip grip. Additionally, keep an eye on the handle length and determine which length best suits the intended person’s hand. For example, Off-Grid Knives’ Rapid Fire Blackout assisted flipper knife (OG-2198), offers a textured and ergonomic handle that ensures the knife stays put.


Blades must stay sharp, clean, and dry; so, prioritize pocket knives that come with high quality, durable leather sheaths. Polyester sheaths are also a good option.


Generally, a pocket-knife should be lightweight without compromising durability. A good pocket-knife will be light enough to carry around but won’t bend under pressure.


Some knives come with finishes that are designed to enhance the knife’s qualities. For example, a nylon glass reinforced finish will prevent slipping.

General Tips

Look for knives that come with a good warranty and consider including cleaning and care supplies in the gift. Pocket clips are also great features to look out for.