Reasons Why Kids Who Hate Sports Will Love Children’s Martial Arts

Reasons Why Kids Who Hate Sports Will Love Children’s Martial Arts

Great news…your kids don’t have to be “natural” athletes to excel in children’s martial arts! In fact, this type of organized physical activity offers all of the benefits of team sports, without the aspects that tend to create stress for some kids.
Today we’re going to talk about why this is true and what kids can gain from martial arts classes.

Sure, sports can boost your child’s self-esteem, improve coordination, enhance fitness and encourage lifelong healthy habits. If you’re like many parents, though, you may have found that your child isn’t really interested in team sports. If you’re looking for a positive alternative to team play, you might want to consider adding children’s martial arts to your child’s after-school activities.

What is the biggest difference between children’s martial arts and team sports?
Team sports force everyone to do the same activity at the same time. The big difference with martial arts is that everything is individualized and self-paced. Children have instructional time in class, but then it’s up to them to develop learning habits to address areas where they need more practice.

How do martial arts training compare with team sports in terms of inclusion and competitiveness?
Team sports for younger kids are more inclusive, with everyone getting equal time, but as kids get older, those less confident or less skilled may be benched. But with children’s martial arts, your child will never be excluded. There is also a different sense of competitiveness. On a team, if you can’t hit the ball, you let the team down — that’s a lot of pressure. But with martial arts, you are challenged at your own ability level. You progress on individual merit and it’s a powerful experience.

Are martial arts best for a certain “type” of child?
No. Kids that are smaller than their classmates, that struggle academically or socially, or that would rather be at home behind their computer can enjoy children’s martial arts. Kids that stick with martial arts are those that need success outside of a group setting.

What are the benefits of martial arts beyond fitness?
Not only are martial arts athletic, but they build amazing coordination by wiring your brain differently. Studies have shown that martial arts help in math, logical progressive reasoning, and standardized test performance. Studies show a correlation between physical fitness and test performance.

How do martial arts impact socialization?
We live in a team sports environment where teammates are also friends. But if you’re not on a team, you don’t have that chance to socialize. Many martial arts schools are a community, and while the kids are in class, parents get to know each other too. Even though children compete individually, there is a definite sense of friendship and community that helps improve self development skills.

How do children’s martial arts increase self-confidence?
A lot of children come in with low levels confidence because they may have been picked last in gym class so they don’t want to participate in physical activities. Our instructors make each child feel special.

If your child shows little or no interest in team sports, why not introduce him to children’s martial arts? Give us a call or stop by today and we’ll be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have!

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