Pros of Moving into Assisted Living Early

Most people understand that as they age, they will eventually come to the point where they need help performing some of their routine daily activities such as cooking and cleaning. To address these needs, many people anticipate moving into an assisted living facility as they age and their ability to perform the tasks diminishes. However, some people move into assisted living well before the time that they absolutely have to do so. If you are considering when to move into an assisted living facility (or you have an elderly loved one who is) here are a few advantages of making the move early.

Hand off responsibilities.

When you are in your later years, you don’t have to spend all your time and energy dealing with everyday tasks like cooking meals. If you are able to move into an assisted living facility, you can hand off these tasks to someone else. Why bother with all the routine daily tasks when you have other things you can be doing with your time?

Minimize the stress of a move later on.

By moving into an assisted living facility now, when you still maintain a significant amount of independence, you are able to minimize the stress of the move. A move into an assisted living facility is a life-changing event in any case, but if you do it when you are more independent—and you do it out of a desire to do so rather than a necessity—you may find the move to be easier to handle.

Begin making new friends.

Some seniors who still live in their own homes may become bored, especially if they are not able to drive themselves to senior centers or other places where they could meet and interact with other elderly people. On the other hand, by moving into an assisted living facility, a senior is able to go out (without driving!) and meet other people.
Assisted living facilities have many crafts, activities, game nights, and so on to entertain their residents, and it is a relief to many seniors when they can simply walk down the hall to join in the fun instead of having to arrange transportation to and from the location. By moving early, a senior is able to take advantage of these activities earlier on in life.

Enhanced security.

Some seniors who live alone at home may be concerned about their security, or the security of their property. Depending on the neighborhood where they live, this could be an issue of real concern.
When a senior moves into an assisted living facility, it comes with its own sense of security. These facilities are manned 24/7 by staff, and tend to be safer and more secure than a senior’s Best Mountain Cabins in Pennsylvaniaor apartment would be. By moving early, a senior can enjoy better security for his or her person and belongings.


Given the benefits of Assisted Living in Montgomery AL, there are many reasons to consider moving early. Contact your local assisted living facility for more information on the benefits they may provide.

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