Pipe Bursting Trenchless Method Is Better Than The Traditional Method

Pipe Bursting Trenchless Method Is Better Than The Traditional Method

For a clean, safe and healthy environment, sewer lines were placed beneath the surface of the earth. However, these lines are prone to clogs, leaks and breakages. At some point, you may need to have a sewer pipe completely replaced. The traditional method of doing this would be to dig up the pipe, remove it, place its replacement in the trench and fill it up. This method has many disadvantages. A new method of doing this is so much better than the traditional one. It is called the trenchless pipe bursting method. Below are some reasons to use the trenchless pipe bursting method and forget about the traditional replacement procedures.

1. It is less time-consuming

For the experts to replace the pipe in the traditional way, they would have to locate the pipe, clear any vegetation above it, dig a trench to expose the pipe, replace it and fill up the trench. Even if they use heavy machinery, completing this task will take several hours or days depending on the depth of the pipe and the vegetation above it.

The trenchless sewer repair Indianapolis, IN requires a lot less work. All that is needed is for two access holes to be dug, one on each side of the old pipe. A pipe-bursting tool is then placed at the end of the new pipe after which it is pulled through by a winch. The new pipe, therefore, replaces the old one.

2. It causes less damage to the environment

The traditional method involved cutting down of any trees that may be in the way of the pipe, destroying your lawn, the portion of your lawn that will not be dug up might be covered by the soil from the trench and so much more damage will be done to it by the machines. In the end, your beautiful lawn and probably a portion of your pavement will be gone. All this can be avoided by using the pipe bursting method. The only holes to be dug up will be the two access points. In the end, your tree will be left standing and your grass and pavement only slightly disturbed.

3. It is cheap

The fees associated with the traditional method are higher than the fees related to the new method. Sure, digging the trench may cost way less, but it carries some fees that will come later such as the fees to replant your lawn. Besides, the plumbing company will charge you more for the machinery, and the larger number of workers that will be involved in the process.

The new method requires less labor and less machinery. Overall, pipe bursting will be friendlier to your wallet.

4. It is safer

Excavation sites pose a threat to anyone walking or driving near them. In addition to that, there are billions of bacteria living in the sewer pipes. If an old pipe is dug out, these bacteria are being moved to the surface where they are a health hazard.

Pipe bursting destroys the old pipe and leaves it buried in the ground together with the bacteria that inhabit it. They are not a threat to anyone.

5. It encourages technological advancement

Technology has come up with numerous ways to preserve our planet. The pipe bursting trenchless method is one such advancement. By extensively using this method, the plumbers are laying the foundation for the discovery of an even better method. They note the areas that need to be improved and in the end, this data will be used to develop a method that will maybe be less destructive.

6. It reduces the occurrence of trench settlement

Mother Nature will do her best to resettle the soil around any hole as it was before. She will do this for both methods. For the traditional method, the trench dug will have more settlement while the pipe bursting access holes will have way less settling. The settling of the trench may cause new damage to the pavement, and it will be ugly. You will have to hire a professional or take time from your busy schedule to fill it up again.


I am not saying that the pipe bursting method is perfect. I am simply saying that between the two methods, it is the better one. I hope the reasons to use trenchless pipe bursting and forget about traditional sewer repair Indianapolis, IN procedures that are stated above are enough for you to consider the new method.