Orthodontics in San Diego: When is the Right Time for Your Child?

Orthodontics Treatment

A lot of children these days are getting braces at seemingly younger and younger ages, but when is the right time for your child? Do they even need braces at all? How do you tell?  Today we’re answering your questions regarding orthodontics in San Diego.

It’s time to clarify the process of getting braces for children, including the ideal age for getting them, who may need them, and what problems they can correct for not just the teeth, but the entire mouth.

Basic Information About Orthodontics in San Diego

A mouth full of metal is a common sight among children. You may have been a metal-mouth yourself when you were an adolescent. Despite how common they are, there are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to getting braces.

Braces fix more than crooked teeth. As most dentists in San Diego will tell you, braces are not just for straightening a crooked smile; they can also fix a misaligned jaw, overbites, underbites, or crossbites.

It’s important for your dentist to fix these problems because they can lead to facial pain, neck or shoulder pain, problems chewing or swallowing, difficulty breathing, or speech issues.

Younger is not necessarily better for getting braces. Some people believe that getting their children braces when they’re young is better, as it gets the process completed when the teeth are more easily movable. However, this is a mistake if your child has an obvious problem such as crooked teeth or teeth that protrude.

For these cases, it’s better to wait until all the baby teeth are lost. Otherwise, your child might end up needing treatment a second time, once their face and jaw have finished growing, or their adult teeth show up.

Some kids don’t need braces at all. Assuming your child will need braces can be a misconception. Some children don’t need any teeth or jaw alignment correction at all. Some may simply need to wear expanders to concurrently widen the jaw and correct an underbite.  Other children may only need some teeth extracted in order to make enough room in their mouth for their teeth to line up correctly.

If you suspect your child might need orthodontics in San Diego, here are a few signs to look out for.

  • Your child has visible teeth crowding.
  • They have crooked or overlapping teeth.
  • One or more teeth protrude and do not align with the rest.
  • Your child has a obvious overbite or underbite.
  • They have difficulty chewing, swallowing, or suffer with mouth or jaw pain.
  • They regularly bite the inside of their cheek without meaning to.
  • Your child lost their baby teeth late, early, or irregularly.

If you notice any of these signs, braces might be needed to correct the problem. Even if your child doesn’t need braces now, the orthodontist can plan for treatment and intervention methods to make sure your child has straight teeth and an aligned jaw by the time they are an adult.

Orthodontics in San Diego: There is No Perfect Age

One important fact to remember about braces is that there is no set age when it is ideal to get them. Some kids need early intervention to fix certain problems, and others can wait until all of their permanent teeth are in before they get their teeth straightened. The course of action will be different for each and every child.

The best thing to do is watch your children’s teeth for any developing signs that they might eventually need braces, and take them for regular dental checkups. If you feel that your child can benefit from orthodontics in San Diego, call our office today to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your options.

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