Online Virtual Appointment with a Heart Care Specialist

Online Virtual Appointment with a Heart Care Specialist

Heart Problems? You are not alone in this pool of misery.

Heart problems have always been a global health Care Connect concern. Especially among the elderly population, having a diseased heart is not an uncommon occurrence. Following this trend of ubiquity, problematic hearts have always been ruling causes of fatalities in this particular stratum of the population but this does not mean that the young and adults are spared from falling into this abyss. According to the WHO statistics for 2019, nearly 17.3 million people died of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) which represents 32 percent of total global deaths for the year. 

Major Heart Problems That Whistle an Alarm:

Major Heart Problems

There is a wide collection of heart problems with even a broader spectrum of underlying etiologies that requires a pretty decent amount of consideration if one is determined to make it out of the hollow using early diagnosis and prompt treatment protocols. Here are some major heart concerns one should be familiar with:

1.Angina: While heart is the premier for provision of blood to the entire body through its typical pumping function, it needs blood for itself too. Heart receives blood via the coronary arteries and this blood is essential for its functioning as is the case with any other organ in the body. Any decline in this perfusion creates ischemia which is manifested in the form of pain that starts in the chest and radiates to the left arm and shoulder. This ischemic pain is called angina  and it represents a reversible injury to heart. The pain lasts for less than 20 min and usually resolves with rest and some medication but these events set stage for more agonizing cases such as myocardial infarction (MI).

2.Atherosclerosis: A common fuel for heart problems.

 Atherosclerosis represents narrowing of arteries and endothelial damage due to formation of a cholesterol plaque. It’s the commonest risk factor for all the heart problems and is closely linked with diet and lifestyle. It’s often the most common cause of angina too. 


Myocardial Infarction: It’s important to address angina at its earliest before it becomes a forbearer of an irreversible ischemic damage (myocardial infarction). This advocates the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment protocol through online heart health care services.


How to Diagnose a Heart Problem? Role of Online Heart Care Services



Diagnose a Heart Problem

It’s easy to dig up if one has a heart problem because of some common manifestations and presentations. If you have a heart problem, you will likely experience dyspnea while exercising or doing physical work. You may also experience chest pains every now and then. You can also have an acute chest pain while at rest (unstable angina due to incomplete occlusion of the coronary artery). An early consultation with a heart specialist through Virtual Heart Care, especially when you don’t have quality heart care facilities in your area, can help alleviate the condition and prevent complications. 

How Can Online Sessions with Heart Care Specialist Benefit My Condition?

 Heart Care Specialist

Online sessions with heart care specialist (Virtual Heart Care) can provide opportunities for early detection of the underlying problem and immediate treatment to prevent any serious outcome. Early consultation is of prime importance because heart diseases are usually progressive in nature and survival and restoration of adequate function depends mainly on the stage of intervention. Heart care specialist will look into the matter, analyze and evaluate your condition along with all the associated factors and underlying etiologies and then come up with an effective plan to limit and control the problem. Moreover, online heart care services open door for adequate prescriptions and therapies (through appointments) for advanced stages of the disease and expert guidelines for improving heart health in general. Virtual heart care provision also allows for regular monitoring of your condition to assess the effectiveness of an intervention and see if there is any progress. (4) The entire deal acquires paramount importance in times like these where the pandemic has confined people to their homes.

Having Been Diagnosed with A Health Problem, Can I still Lead a Normal Life?

Diagnosed with A Health Problem

This best answer to this question will come from a heart care specialist who having judged the gravity of your condition will communicate you the best possible strategy. However, if you are lucky enough to your problem diagnosed very early, you can probably revert the condition through simple environmental and dietary modifications and continue to enjoy a normal life.


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