All You Need to Know About Thread Laser Treatment for Veins on Legs


Laser treatment is very effective for veins on legs and for even thread veins on the face. Also, laser vein removal is a good treatment for rosacea, venous lake on the lip area, poikiloderma on the neck region and cherry angiomas on various parts of the body.
How exactly does laser therapy work?
In laser treatment, the Cynosure Yag Laser focuses on the vein. This is done with the help of energy pulses. How it helps is that the area surrounding the veins is left without any work done on it. The laser beam focuses only on the vein. The haemoglobin in the vein attracts and then absorbs the radiation. This leads to the blood getting vapourised and the vein simply disappearing thereafter. With time, the system dissolves the piece parts of the vein. Incidentally, vascular skin conditions like spider veins, thread veins and broken capillaries are the end consequence of the genetic makeup, the exposure to sun and related factors of the person concerned.
Thread vein removal laser therapy is a line of treatment which has proved useful for thread veins which are small to medium in size. Studies and latest research in this field has resulted in cynosure laser technology – this is a means to treating such conditions in the best manner possible without causing any big upheavals in the body systems. This line of treatment is so exact and precision-controlled that the thread veins do dissipate and gradually disappear with time and treatment. Sometimes, it takes just one sitting with the doctor for evident results to show up.
It is a fact that laser vein removal yag laser is the method used for treating thread veins on face, neck and chest. However, for thread veins on the legs – it is an injection method termed sclerotherapy leg vein removal treatment which works best.
What are the advantages of laser vein removal ?
There are multifold positives of laser vein removal therapy. For one, a patient can get clearer complexion within a matter of minutes with this. Also, it is medical grade laser which is used and thus there are no complications due to the procedure. There is a very visible cut back in the spider veins, thread veins and broken capillary conditions of the skin. This treatment is very safe for all skin types. Also, there is hardly any patient discomfort involved in the procedure. One can rest assured that this treatment will work well with no side effects even on sensitive areas like the facial region.
Interestingly, thread veins, spider veins and broken capillaries, in medical parlance, are called telangiectasias. These are, in most cases, less than two millimeters in diameter. In effect, these are small blue or red colored blood vessels which are present very close to the surface of the skin and thus are easily visible from the outside. Laser treatment for veins on legs and other regions of the body is a very common procedure these days.
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