How To Repair Most Common Samsung Smartphone Problems

How To Repair Most Common Samsung Smartphone Problems

Samsung smartphones are some of the best mobile devices that you can buy. But like any device, as the hardware and software ages it may start to face problems. Well, there is nothing to worry about… the Cell Clinic is here to help guide you through – Samsung smartphone repairs in Vancouver, BC. Below are listed some of the most common problems that Samsung smartphone users may face and the ways to correct these problems.

1 – Frozen Screen
This is probably the most common problem that most people face at some point with their Samsung smartphone – frozen screen issues. Here are some tips to help you fix / repair your Samsung smartphone frozen screen issues.

Tip 1: Switch Off and then ON your Samsung device. Hopefully, this will help correct the issue.

Tip 2: Remove the back cover of your smartphone and disconnect the battery. Reinsert the battery after 15-20 seconds, power your device back On and then check if the problem is fixed.

Tip 3: If none of the above tips help you, try doing a hard reset of your smartphone. To do so, you will need to press the power button, the volume up key, and the home key at the same time. Next, a menu will appear on your screen, and that will allow you to perform a hard reset on your device.
Note: If you have a Samsung Galaxy model – then you can dial *2767*3855# to hard reset your device.
2 – “Samsung Smartphone Won’t Power On” Problem
Are you not able to turn on your Samsung smartphone? Below are some Samsung smartphone repair tips that can help you to address the problem.

Tip 1: Connect your smartphone to an active power supply to charge the battery.

Tip 2: If charging the battery doesn’t help, then probably the issue is with your battery, and you will need to buy a new battery. However, there can be several other reasons leading to this issue, and thus proper device diagnosis is required.

You can visit the Cell Clinic Vancouver or Cell Clinic Surrey store and ask one of the Cell Clinic’s friendly and trained technicians to diagnose your device. It’s a free service – and the technician will let you know what the actual problem behind this and whether or not battery replacement is required.
3 – Samsung Smartphone Repair Tips For Battery Draining Issues
Quick draining battery issues has became a big problem, especially on larger screen smartphones – for both consumers and manufacturers. Most of the time, the screen and applications that run in the background are the main cause of this issue. Here are some Samsung smartphone repair tips to consider to help extend the battery life of your cell phone.

Tip 1: Disable LTE | Settings >> Mobile Networks >> Network Mode
Tip 2: Use the auto-brightness feature of your smartphone. | Settings >> Display
Tip 3: Disable Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use.
Tip 4: Enable Power Saving mode.
Tip 5: Disable Location Services
Tip 6: Adjust Screen Timeout Time
Tips 7: Disable Samsung Default Applications
If none of the above tips help to improve the problem, then you will need to check your battery. If there is an issue with your smartphone battery, then you will need to replace that to correct the battery draining issue. Also, there is a chance that the charging port or battery connecting metals of your smartphone are causing this problem. So we recommended that you visit Cell Clinic Vancouver or Cell Clinic Surrey and request that the trainied technicians conduct a free device diagnosis – so that you will know what is actually causing the problem and the best way to repair it.
4 – Samsung Smartphone Repair In Vancouver For Audio And Microphone Problems
If you’re having audio or microphone issues with your Samsung smartphone, try power cycling your phone (Power Off and On again). Then, go into the “Settings” app on your device and check if the audio levels are set properly. Also, check to ensure that there isn’t anything (dust, lint, etc.) stuck in the speaker or headphone jacks of your smartphone.

You can use compressed air to clean both the speaker and headphone jacks of your cell phone. If this doesn’t help, the last options would be to do a hard reset your device, or to have the microphone and (or) speaker replaced.

Again – Cell Clinic Vancouver or Cell Clinic Surrey will conduct a free repair diagnosis to identify what the problem with your phone’s audio is.

Note: Don’t ever replace faulty parts on your own. It requires appropriate skills, and you might further damage your device with inappropriate repair attempts.
5 – Samsung Smartphone Camera Problems
If you’re getting a camera failed error or facing other problems related to the camera of your smartphone – start by first removing the battery, and then reinstall it after 10 seconds – and then Power On your device. This will correct some minor Samsung smartphone camera issues.

There are several applications that can lead to camera issues in Samsung smartphones. If you’ve recently used Skype, disable or uninstall the application and check if this helps to correct the issue. Your smartphone’s hardware can also be the culprit here. Remove the back cover of your phone and clean the camera with compressed air.

Also, check to see if there is an issue with the camera lens, or cracks in the camera glass. If so, you will need to replace the camera glass or the entire camera module. The Cell Clinic can replace the camera module or lens of your smartphone at an affordable cost. And the repair comes with a full one year warranty on the repaired parts.

If none of these suggestions help, then as a final option – proceed with a factory reset (see above for how to perform a hard reset on your device).

We hope that this post has helped you to correct the issues with your Samsung smartphone. Follow Cell Clinic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to read other similar troubleshooting articles.