Exploring The Benefits of Sewer Inspection, Repair In Lawrence

Exploring The Benefits of Sewer Inspection, Repair In Lawrence

Sewer system is important because it allows us to dispose off liquid wastes from our household. Pipes are usually installed underground. Sometimes problems arise thereby prompting homeowners to carry out repair and replacement.

In the olden days, people relied on traditional trench method. This involved digging of big trenches to expose ad remove the pipes before being repaired or replaced. It was very labourous and expensive. In addition, it was intrusive. It caused damage on existing structures and made home owners incur unnecessary expenses on repair. On top of that, it was time consuming.

In the present day, many homeowners in Lawrence use trenchless sewer repair and replacement method. It has many benefits which shall explore here.

Firstly, trenchless sewer repair and replacement is not destructive. It does not lead to destruction of landscape and buildings. This is because it doesn’t involve digging of trenches. Only a few holes are dug so that the technician can inspect and fix the problem.Inspection is done using a plumbing camera.

Secondly, it is cost effective. Traditional method was expensive because it involved hiring many people to dig trenches. Labour costs were too high. With trenchless method, you don’t need many people. The work can be done by a single technician.

Trenchless method of sewer repair and replacement is beneficial because it reduces repair costs. Due to its non-intrusive nature, it does not interfere with the existing structures. Your building, driveway e.t.c will remain intact.You will therefore not incur any costs on repairing damaged structures.

Trenchless sewer repair involves the use of seamless and jointless pipes. In pipe bursting technique , a new pipe is pulled through the old one, making the old pipe to crack and burst. The resultant pipe is full without joints. Jointless pipes are less prone to leaking. Your sewer system will keep running for many years without need for replacement.

On top of that, the process involves applying resin coating on pipes before installing them. Resin makes pipes strong and resistant to root penetration. Roots will not be able to break through. This makes it long lasting. There will be less future damage.

The other benefit of this new technology of sewer repair and replacement is that it saves time. It only involves digging a few holes in appropriate locations,inspecting sewer using inspection camera to identify the problem and then fixing the problem. If the pipe requires replacement, you can either use pipe lining or pipe bursting method.

Furthermore, trenchless sewer repair results to less mess. It does not involve a lot of excavation like the traditional trench method. You will not spend much of your time and energy trying to clean up the mess.

Into the bargain, it is less cumbersome. It is an easy and efficient way of repairing and replacing sewer pipes. It is simply the best fit for you. It is also convinient.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the above are the benefits of sewer inspection and repair in Lawrence using trenchless method. It does not cause damage to structures, is less costly, fast, effective, convinient and does not require a lot of labour.

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