Do I need Cannabis PPE?

Do I need Cannabis PPE?

The complete decriminalization of cannabis is a soon-to-be reality. As the demand rises for cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD), the supply chain is working overtime. The increase of cannabis farming and nutraceutical production is resulting in a boom for the retail industry when it comes to hemp and other related goods.

All predictors point to upwards 420,000 jobs in the cannabis industry by 2021. Nearly half a million people will face exposure to various hazards related to growing, harvesting, extracting, processing, and finally selling all types of hemp, cannabis, and CBD products. The universal need for cannabis PPE, personal protective equipment, in the associated fields is undeniable.

Hazards to Safeguard Against

The safety risks linked to the cannabis sector are not unlike those in agriculture and processing. Dangers come in a variety of ways. It is up to the employer to ensure the wellbeing of their employees. It means abiding by regulations and mandates set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The states of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are leaders in providing guidelines for worker protections. But, for the most part, it is up to every company, business, and individual to ensure a safe work environment.  Cannabis PPE is the first step in keeping personnel safe.

Employers and employees need to know and recognize the risks in the workplace. Custom garments are one way to provide safety to the workplace by utilizing cannabis-specific PPE.

Physical hazards come at different points of the cannabis business. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) grow lights

  • Excessive noise
  • Walking and working surface risks
  • Heavy equipment incidents
  • Combustible and flammable liquids

Environment and biological hazards are sometimes unseen. The need for PPE cannot be stressed enough because of invisible dangers.

  • Excessive exposure to THC
  • Lack of ventilation leading to mold exposures
  • Skin exposure to allergens
  • Chemical hazards come in different packages. Protective clothing and gear is the best way to avoid disasters.
  • Overexposure to carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Exposure to pesticides and fertilizers
  • Accidents with cleaning, disinfectant, and corrosive chemicals

A part of any workplace is occupational injuries. The cannabis world is not exempt from danger.

  • Ergonomic injuries
  • Electrical shock
  • Muscle sprains and bone breaks
  • Machine and hand tool injuries
  • Violence in the workplace

Contamination Works Both Ways

Cannabis PPE is a requirement for more than protecting workers. The need extends to the safety of the plant. After an employer thoroughly conducts hazard assessments for employees, the next plan of action is to protect the plants.

The end result of cultivation, production, and processing are goods meant for human consumption. The path to reducing the chances of contamination comes in the form of PPE.OSHA standards are only the first consideration in the business of growing, harvesting, and processing cannabis. Worker safety and the quality of the product are next in line. International Enviroguard offers a range of protective gear to cover all the bases of security. Skin, eye, face, and hearing protection is crucial for the success of any cannabis-related business.

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