8 Advantages of CRM Email Automation and How You Can Make Full Use of It

8 Advantages of CRM Email Automation and How You Can Make Full Use of It

It is no secret in the world of successful businesses that there is structure and it is needs to adhered to. For there to be a smooth flow of work, structure is key as well as great communication between the departments. Without good structure there would be chaos, and nothing would get accomplished efficiently. Your resources and people are separated into divisions or departments and each has their own objectives and roles. Having this structure and strategy in place allows each department to have their own workflow. However, to achieve the larger goals each department must share expertise and information between groups and departments. Sharing this information does not stop with other individuals it must also be shared between systems and data. 

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Your CRM email tracking system and email marketing are like your marketing and sales teams. Each plays a specific role and has an important component in the business. These systems touch different departments and individuals in differing ways and at differing times but are important because they work and collaborate on shared projects or objectives.

Like departments within a company, email marketing systems and CRM systems offer the best benefits when they are integrated into one effort. 

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Here are eight reasons why the uniting of the two should be considered: 

  1. Standing united: Having all the information in a single database is much easier than trying to manage multiple systems. Whether the business is small or medium sized it can join the systems that store valuable information. Integrating the systems improves efficiency and saves time.
  2. Messaging that is targeted: The ability to plan content that is based on CRM data such as previous purchases, demographics, and job title to help get the right content to the right customers.

  3. Real-time data: When your sales reps interact with customers the data is updated in real-time. No more having to guess or input data that has expired.
  4. Return on investment: Integrating the systems allows you and others to view the true campaign. Having all the information integrated allows important marketing decisions to be made. Is it worth the company attending the trade show? Was it worth the investment and what was the return?
  5. Better sales visibility: Sales team have better insight into client behavior and reaction times. Reps can see who is opening and reading emails and the best time to make the sales pitches and calls.
  6. Allows customers to be more informed: targeted emails can be sent to prospects and customers depending what stage they are in the CRM and sales funnel.
  7. Shorten the sales process: Businesses with lengthy sales cycles take months of nurturing potential clients. Taking too long can cause clients to take their business to another company. The adage of time is money needs to be remembered.
  8. The ability to revitalize previous email campaigns: Revitalizing previous email campaigns with the ability to target by demographics and other important factors breathes new life into campaigns. 
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AutoScribe by offers both your CRM and email marketing to be integrated without the complicated setup and learning curve. With 100% automated contact and activity capture your teams can enjoy:

  • Automated logging of email and calendar events.
  • Contacts that are automatically created.
  • Having the right opportunities with the contact attached.
  • AutoScribe works with GSuite or Office 365/Exchange.

Having structure makes it easier for all the departments to work together. The CRM email integration of CRM and email just became easier and more affordable for your business.

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