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The content world has morphed into a social business, with ties to billions of readers indirectly through their few friends who subscribe to any channel’s updates. We recognized this at a very early stage in the transaction and have been making strides towards the various features that make our readers more satisfied by all aspects of the platform.

The readers subscribed to our updates have an extended reach of millions and they expose our content to the lot each time they share news with their friends.

We receive thoughtful feedback each time through the portal and that has been instrumental in shaping the platform towards that which optimizes content for reading and also gives opportunity to readers whenever they see fit for their own business. We have advertising contracts with readers, all which started when they contacted us in the same forms below.

Content changes are also triggered through the communication started with the teams behind all the content. Since it is a platform for the readers, there is barely anything we wouldn’t consider if suggested by them.