Restructuring Leads to Profit Increase in IT Outsourcing

March 18, 2016

2015 was a big year in IT investments. Sudden rise and increase in investments spent on Information technology products and services lead to reforming deals and contracts for outsourcing. The eventual result of this move fueled contracts that are more favorable for IT clients and vendors alike. Toronto IT outsourcing also benefited from this movement. […]

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Using Information Technology in the Fight for Literacy

February 24, 2016

Similar to how Toronto IT companies use technology in pushing the Canadian economy positively, information technology is now a key element in improving literacy in underdeveloped countries. Like a plague that has long held developing countries from the path of progress, illiteracy has been a constant challenge that is yet to be resolved. Even at […]

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Helpful Tips for Choosing a Computer Repair Specialist

February 14, 2016

As computer repair Toronto specialists know, today’s world is becoming more reliant on computer tech. Nearly every aspect of our everyday lives is controlled by a CPU. That includes checking bank statements, bill payment, and entertainment. For most people, dealing with a computer that’s slowed down or stopped working can be just as difficult as […]

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Technology Pushes Conventional Culture to Extinction

January 28, 2016

The use of quills and ink has been a symbol of literature for centuries but the coming of pencils and pens has made it obsolete. Toronto IT companies made traditional IT services outdated by introducing new developments that outperforms the status quo. It became an example of how the improvements in science and technology had […]

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Visa Walls Will Negatively Affect US Companies More

January 8, 2016

Of interest to it companies Toronto as North American residents is that in early April of this year the US Citizenship and Immigration Services revealed that the federal agency receiver over 236,000 H-1B visa petitions. That was during the yearly filing period. As a result, the demand for highly-skilled/temp foreign employees in the US is […]

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