4 Drain Repair Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

You never really think about your drain–that is, until there’s a problem. And in those times, you need to make quick decisions, because these types of things tend to only get worst. Though you need to be aware of all the facts before figuring out the best solution, sometimes knowing what’s not true can be even more helpful than know […]

Exploring The Benefits of Sewer Inspection, Repair In Lawrence

Sewer system is important because it allows us to dispose off liquid wastes from our household. Pipes are usually installed underground. Sometimes problems arise thereby prompting homeowners to carry out repair and replacement. In the olden days, people relied on traditional trench method. This involved digging of big trenches to expose ad remove the pipes before being repaired or replaced. […]

When Is It Time to Replace Your Sewer Lines?

A sewer line, like every pipe, has a certain lifespan. Once it reaches a certain point of age and usage, it needs to be replaced. But when it the right time? It is an expensive process that falls on the homeowner. As a rule, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover sewer replacement costs. With the high cost hanging over your head, it […]