The KAI Group: Knives and More

The KAI Group comes from a long and ancient tradition of forging blades, since its founding in Seki city, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Japanese know this town as a historical forging location, with a history in the craft spanning over 800 years. Originating as a kitchen knife and razor manufacturer, with various child branches, KAI Group later took over the Kershaw […]

Why Buy Used Warehouse Racks?

There are a few advantages of buying used warehouse racks but the key consideration, as with buying all used equipment, is the saving it offers. Used racking can save thousands of dollars to a business, whether getting used cantilever racks or any other type of used racking. Along with price, there are some extra bonuses to used racking – here […]

How Do Automated Shelving Systems Work?

You may be wondering what is behind these automated shelving systems that can enable you to save money and be extremely convenient at the same time. You can buy automated shelving systems online in Michigan for your warehousing needs. First things first; what are their operating principles? They follow and use a predefined set of rules Automated shelving systems utilize a […]

Buying Knives Online: What You Need to Know

When you need a knife, you already know you should visit a knife store. But an online knife store can be quite intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the product. Unfortunately, this can make picking the right quality knife more difficult, but online stores generally translate into better selection and costs. Read on to learn more tips for buying knives […]

What are Bolt Action Shotguns Used for?

Bolt action shotguns are typically used to hunt deer and small game. They are an economical alternative, preferred especially by those new to hunting. Bolt action is a type of action that requires the user to manually manipulate the bolt using a handle to load cartridges into and out of the gun’s barrel chamber. The handle is most commonly situated […]