Can Illegal Immigrants Be Represented By Criminal Lawyers?

Can Illegal Immigrants Be Represented By Criminal Lawyers?

Do illegal immigrants have a right to be represented by criminal lawyers? The answer is yes, however in order to effectively represent an illegal immigrant the criminal lawyer must have a deep understanding of immigration law. The law states that any illegal immigrant who conducts serious crimes that include, but are not limited to, the following: murder, rape, robbery, prostitution, income tax evasion and sexual abuse of a minor will ultimately lead to deportation.

If an illegal immigrant is arrested, it is important to realize that they are treated with similar rights as other citizens in respect to being innocent until proven guilty and the prosecutor having to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the illegal immigrant is guilty of the crime. No matter the extent of the crime being alleged, it is crucial to always contact a knowledgeable criminal lawyer with a background in immigration law to ensure the illegal immigrant is well aware of their rights and how this may impact their immigration status.

We have revealed that illegal immigrants have the right to be represented by criminal lawyers, but what must illegal immigrants do in order to find an experienced criminal lawyer despite potential cultural and language barriers? Before hiring a criminal lawyer figure out the lawyer’s credentials and potential references from past clients. Moreover, finding past clients that speak the same language or previously resided in the illegal immigrant’s home country, this can serve as an effective strategy to gain deep insight into the capability of the criminal lawyer being considered.

Ask yourself, has this criminal lawyer handled a case similar to mine in the past? If the lawyer has had countless experiences with cases that are related to your specific situation it will add relief as well as self-confidence that the criminal lawyer truly understands the extent of the given legal infringement that intersects immigration laws. Another important aspect is technology accommodation and know-how.

If an illegal immigrant lacks English speaking skills, is the criminal lawyer able to suitably accommodate to this barrier by way of technology translation apps or other technology methods to ensure the client is aware of the case progress and other key details? Again, there is great emphasis on the client-lawyer relationship that fosters transparency therefore, technology accommodation plays a significant role especially for illegal immigrants who may feel culturally out of place.

A common misconception within the intersection of criminal and immigration law is that a criminal conviction is no big deal because the immigration office will deport the illegal immigrant regardless of whether they commit a crime or not. This is not true. Rather a not guilty verdict of an illegal immigrant may not result in deportation.

This means any type of alleged criminal act of an illegal immigrant no matter the extent should be taken seriously by all parties involved. Immigration law and criminal law intersect for illegal immigrants faced with a criminal allegation, therefore it is highly recommended to follow the above guidelines to ensure a knowledgeable criminal lawyer can defend the case with utmost competence.

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