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In this modern world rapid transformation of technology has been a day to day issue in every part of business practices. Taking a look at how Business Lawyers in Harrisburg PA are putting technology to good use. Technological tools do for the legal profession what automobiles do for industry in general: they help us do things faster and perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible or impractical. So this article is about lawyers, technology and how they’re using it in their practices. Each column will provide valuable information, tips, and ideas for other lawyers seeking to use newfound technologies to streamline their practices and better represent their clients.

Below are some of the technological practices Business Lawyer in Harrisburg PA have put in place.

How technology helps to Serve Your Clients More Efficiently

  • A decade ago people used to Bates-label documents with printer labels and I would redact privileged documents using 3M correction tape and a “redacted” stamp. The process was so long and was ugly. Currently Adobe Acrobat Professional came into use to OCR documents, electronically redact, and electronically Bates-label.
  • To dictate a brief or an idea for a closing argument while driving to or from the office Dragon Dictate can be used which is often one of the few times a day when you are alone and free of disturbances.
  • Calendaring software is being used to remind of deadlines on cases and give pop-up reminders. To organize arrangements for each case and have an organized way of tracking progress of various projects on each case you can use task software.
  • Moving to a paperless office has been one of the highest priorities in law firms. In this case you can use can use task software which can make your work easy in many ways like in large cases. Doing paperless depositions helps bring more with you while bringing less clutter along.
  • One can have a more efficient note-taking system, they can use OneNote. One can take notes using the stylus on their phone or on their tablet and everything syncs to a system. They can use OneNote to record video of focus groups and take notes during the focus group.

Business Lawyer in Harrisburg PA says Collaboration is Key in Our High Tech World

Collaboration can become more vital than ever in a high technology environment. For instance a customer can ask to do a quick trust document trust online, the lawyer can step in and ask questions like , “What are your goals for the trust?”, “What do you want to accomplish?” and the dialogue begins.

Collaboration allows maximum lawyer to client contact where ever they are which means spending much time with them hence you can answer their pressing questions, and can address their needs quickly and accurately. This way, business rapidly grows because of word of mouth recommendations to their friends and family members.
There are many other lawyers just who are eager to share their knowledge and experience and in this case lawyers networking with other lawyers can also be extended by Collaboration. All of this, of course, is done for the benefit of the client.

Securing and Deploying Technology

Business Lawyer in Harrisburg PA’s opinion is that most important thing to consider is deploying legal technology that can scale up as your law practice grows. Below are recommendations for the type of programs/technology to choose.

  • A comprehensive practice management system
  • A website built with an interactive client portal
  • A system that allows you to clearly define the client processes
  • A document drafting system
  • Video conferencing software

Business Lawyer in Harrisburg PA are sure there is no future where an app on our smart watches will present an opening statement for them, but adapting to technology or failing to adapt to technology can certainly affect the level of care you give your clients.

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