Best Lawn Care Services Near Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Best Lawn Care Services Near Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Lawn care services, for some, mean adding fertilizers to the soil where plants are growing and a bit of mowing here and there in the garden area. Actually speaking, lawn care is a far more detailed kind of work and not just these two activities put together. Lawn care also means using technology to bring in a lush green garden for the owners of this space.

It is a fact that in most cases the lawn functions as the area separating the home and the outside environs of the house. It is from here that even ticks, mosquitoes, flies and fleas can enter the house or infect the pets. Hence, it is important to keep the garden free of such pests. It is necessary to get into pest control of some kind and lawn care services are inclusive of this activity.

Mulching your garden keeps the plant beds looking very neat and well kept. There are several grades of mulch available in the market today and you can pick and choose out of these. Another function which comes under lawn care services is that of aeration of the soil in the garden area. Usually this is carried out in the fall and spring months of the year. Typically, this would mean pulling plugs of grass and thatch from the soil. These plugs then leave behind certain size holes from the place they have been pulled out from. This activity lets the soil `breathe’ and even permits easier fertilizer and water permeating through to the roots of the plants.

Raking leaves from the garden is another function which needs to be done regularly. One can do it oneself if you so wish. But it is a piece of work which requires some amount of time spent on it on a regular basis. This chore becomes all the more necessary during autumn when the leaves shed. Added to this, are jobs like picking up stones, sticks and pieces of paper et al which are dirtying up the garden. Pulling out weeds, too, is necessary time and again. Lawn care also involves this activity which is most needed if you want the plants to grow in a healthy manner without getting stymied out by the weeds which are not required.

An activity which is a lot of fun and very likeable is that of planting new seeds. Depending upon the focus of your garden, you can decide this. If you want a veggie patch, the seeds or plantlets which your lawn care service provider will sow will differ as compared to if you want a cosmetic garden with ornamental plants. One can even opt for a rock garden patch in one corner of your green area. Maintenance of this too falls into lawn care services. You can have someone come and clean it up for you every once in a while for it to look totally neat and tidy and in a useable condition.

Checking and maintaining the pH level of the soil in the garden is something which also falls into the purview of lawn care services. This too needs to be done every once in a while to ensure that the chemical balance in the garden is up to the mark in letting the plants and crops grow in a healthy manner.

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