Wal-Mart Remains the Biggest IT Spender

Investments in technology useful in improving productivity and accuracy of business processes have shown a significant increase across the globe in the year 2015.Toronto Information technology have shown increased utilization of online services and Asian online shopping sites rose into fame this past year. These are only some of the biggest sources of revenues in the Information Technology industry. According […]

South African Road to Growth in Managed Services Industry

Managed services have been an area of growth in countries and economies around the global. The developing market of South Africa has reason predict significant growth in this industry in the next five years. Unlike the Toronto managed services industry this strong vision does not come unchallenged. With increasing competition and customer demands, South Africa is facing the greatest challenge […]

Restructuring Leads to Profit Increase in IT Outsourcing

2015 was a big year in IT investments. Sudden rise and increase in investments spent on Information technology products and services lead to reforming deals and contracts for outsourcing. The eventual result of this move fueled contracts that are more favorable for IT clients and vendors alike. Toronto IT outsourcing also benefited from this movement. Giant IT hubs and investing […]