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The content that is developed by Brian is always leaving the readers convinced of the amount of research invested in it. Through the years, his passion for tech never ceases to dry and the ability to cover the updates gets better year in and year out.

How To Make A Freshwater Pearl Necklace By Doing Less

July 1, 2020

A freshwater pearl necklace is a beautiful statement piece of jewelry that will match everything in your closet. They are also an elegant accessory that can be made easily by yourself. Whether you want a freshwater pearl necklace strand, pendant, or single pearl necklace, there are tons of stylish designs to utilize when making your […]

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commercial truck

What You Should Consider Before Purchasing Commercial Truck Insurance

March 18, 2020

Shopping for truck insurance can take ages. But exploring all your options is key to getting coverage that’s worth the money. You’ll spend thousands of dollars a year insuring your truck, so why not make sure you get what you deserve for your biggest investment? These are a few things you may not have considered […]

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Buying A Silverton Motor Yacht California

January 9, 2020

For many people, a yacht is a dream purchase. Of course, if you’re going to be investing in a boat like this, you’ll want to feel like you’re using your money wisely. Keep these tips in mind when buying a Silverton motor yachts for sale California.  Attend A Boat Show  If you want the chance […]

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Cannabis PPE

Do I need Cannabis PPE?

January 8, 2020

The complete decriminalization of cannabis is a soon-to-be reality. As the demand rises for cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD), the supply chain is working overtime. The increase of cannabis farming and nutraceutical production is resulting in a boom for the retail industry when it comes to hemp and other related goods. All predictors point to upwards […]

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Get Ready for Family Vacations

November 18, 2019

Going on a family vacation means creating some of the best memories you will ever have. But from planning out the perfect destination, saving up the money to get there and taking the trip itself, it can become a headache rather than an enjoyable time. That is, if you set off unprepared. Packing up an […]

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Morris Canal

Travel Inspiration on the Morris Canal

November 10, 2019

A staycation with the best view of New York City I recently posted a query on my blog for solo female travelers, inviting readers to share a moment that took their breath away. Replies included Lusaka, Gambia; Denali National Park in Alaska; Angelokastro, Corfu; the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi; a first view of […]

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sexual harassment

Court Holds a Corporation Can Act “Personally” in Some Circumstances

October 29, 2019

Employers face a variety of liability hotspots in relation to sexual harassment and assault. In order to avoid this liability, the most efficient course of action an employer can take is to work to prevent any sexual harassment or assault from being perpetrated by employees. Gasic v. Marquette Management, Inc., a recent Illinois case demonstrates […]

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Spectrum Pine Pollen Tinctures

The Challenges and Solutions in Producing Potent, Full Spectrum Pine Pollen Tinctures

October 28, 2019

Commonly used to boost testosterone levels, pine pollen is a powerful natural remedy which boasts a huge number of health and wellness benefits. Brimming with 200+ vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, pro-androgenic compounds, adaptogenic compounds and many more beneficial components, pine pollen releases its real potential in the form of a pine pollen tincture. While […]

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Iran is NOT What You Think!!

September 5, 2019

I just completed a 14 day trip around Persia with G Adventures, and much to my surprise, Iran is not (at all) what I thought it’d be like!  Contrary to popular belief, Iran is extremely safe, with the most friendly people I’ve ever met who went out of their way to make sure I was safe and […]

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Knee Surgeon

Finding the Right Knee Surgeon in New Orleans

August 21, 2019

If you plan to have a knee replacement, you’ll want a highly-qualified orthopedic surgeon to complete the surgery. How do you find the best knee surgeon in New Orleans who is right for you? Here are important factors to keep in mind. As leading Dentist in woburn, George P bring over 30 years of experience creating smiles with dental implants […]

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