An Overview of Google Marketing

An Overview of Google Marketing

Digitally promoting and selling products has never been easier thanks to the innovative developers at Google. Nowadays, digital marketing campaigns reach wider audiences than ever before. Google has developed an entire suite of marketing services customized for all sizes of businesses. The Google marketing suite has every necessary tool for businesses looking to grow their customer base and online presence.

Google Marketing has been a popular option for industry experts for nearly twenty years.

With popular and award-winning applications such as AdWords, AdSense,  and Analytics, Google has become an industry giant in the field of online marketing and advertising. Any business owner looking to jumpstart their brand should contact a digital marketing consultant who is familiar with some of the Google marketing options.

To understand how the services work, let’s delve into at a brief overview of the start of Google marketing and how it became so popular. Then, we’ll take a closer look at some of Google marketing’s most innovative and popular services.

Brief History of Google Marketing

Traditionally, Google was famous for the creation of their popular search engine which amassed millions of users each day. But Google eventually transitioned into much more than that and became an online advertising giant.

In the early 2000’s web and application developers at Google were scrambling to take advantage of the tremendous profitability of online PPC (pay-per-click) marketing.

Birth of Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

This revolutionary concept was appealing to advertisers because they only had to pay when their ad was actually clicked on. Developers at Google were able to use the PPC model for ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored ad slots. The search engine advertising PPC concept caught on like wildfire and became one of the largest and most widely used online marketing tools to date. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of advertisers using PPC Search Engine marketing.

Google AdWords

To facilitate the needs of their growing PPC marketing customers, Google created a new service known as Google AdWords. This revolutionary service launched in 2000 and paired advertiser’s ads with relevant, related web content. These targeted advertisements generated positive results for advertisers and the popularity of the service skyrocketed.

AdWords is an easy service to use, and its interfaces are all very user-friendly. The service also includes access to helpful tools such as Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) planning tools. This application is an innovative and industry-leading option for advertisers. But, the hard-working development team at Google did not stop there.

Google AdSense

Shortly after the online advertising boom of the early 2000’s, web monetization became a highly popular practice among online content creators. Website owners, bloggers, and other producers were able to generate advertising revenue by selling available space on their web pages and blogs to advertisers.

Google developed their AdSense software which utilizes high powered algorithms to match advertisements with the target page’s content. This service works similarly to AdWords. It produces targeted and relevant advertisements for the clients. The Google marketing experts are able to provide web owners with high-paying advertisements that can generate revenue and also provide advertisers with profitable leads they can turn into sales.

Google Analytics

The final pillar of the Google Marketing suite is Google Analytics. This powerful tool for business owners allows them to track all of their important numerical data backup. This service is helpful because it provides great insight into important statistics such as engagement, click through rates and many more.

Analyzing and understanding this data is essential to the growth and development of a business’s online marketing efforts. The best part is that the application has streamlined everything and made it easier for the user to access their information. Additionally, the user can generate reports and charts in the Google Data studio to help visualize their data.

Google Marketing is a powerful option for business owners looking to promote and sell their products and services online. Google has created industry-leading applications and services that are a must-have for any successful marketing campaign. Reputable online marketers highly recommend the use of Google Marketing tools.