About Us

During the most noticeable economic hardships the modern world went through, our small content company was making waves on the low, keeping our small followership up to minute details on the technology they were enjoying use of. We were also actively involved in close encounter conversations with thousands of social media followers around the content that was always fresh and original. These characteristics soared us above the times and grew the readers along with our company to more than half a million strong.

With the strategy proven and set, the company now boasts a team of writers comparable to a bee hive working on new content for the always thirsty readers. The always ringing call on all our staff is to keep the readers on the edge of technological advancements, alerting all readers through the subscription service to clean and fresh updates on the daily.

As you can imagine, the connection established between the readers that started with us is still present, they are effectively a family on which the company relies for the most open criticism of the content and even the design elements of the platform itself. Through them, we have always stayed on course with world standards, something we are always thankful for.