8 Facts About Trenchless Sewer Repair You Need to Know

Trenchless sewer

If you are a property owner, you need to know the facts about trenchless sewer repair and replacement in Monrovia, CA . After all, when a sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced, you’ll want an option that can be completed quickly, efficiently, and without a lot of hassle. Below you’ll find eight facts about trenchless sewer repair that you need to know.

1. It requires minimal digging, which helps preserve your yard.

While traditional sewer repair methods require extensive digging that is not only time consuming, but labor intensive, which increases your labor costs, trenchless sewer repair does not. You won’t have to worry about heavy equipment trampling your lawn and garden or your pavement and concrete being destroyed.

2. After your repairs are complete, only minimal cleanup and yard repair will be needed.

When your sewer lines are repaired using a traditional method, your yard is often left a mess. It is not unusual to spend hours replanting and repairing grass, trees, plants, and other landscaping. In addition to taking up your time, these lawn repairs can get expensive. With trenchless technology, the minimal land disturbance means little to no yard cleanup and repair.

3. It is truly state-of-the-art technology that is designed to prevent future damage.

Traditional sewer line repair involves the use of connective joints that are prone to leaks and damage. However, trenchless sewer line installation uses innovative technologies, such as cured-in-place pipe lining. Thanks to the seamless pipes with an epoxy lining, there is no need to worry about tree or foliage roots working their way into the pipe line and causing substantial damage.

4. It is a versatile option.

This innovative technology works well in locations where traditional techniques would not. In addition, it gives you options that are more flexible and economical, especially when it comes dealing with calcification or sewer pipes that have been invaded by roots.

5. Trenchless repair allows your property to get back to normal much more quickly.

Traditional repair methods can take days, or even weeks, due to all the extra work that has to be done. It’s definitely an inconvenience. On the other hand, trenchless repair cuts your repair time in half, if not more. This is because it is both easier to identify the actual source of the problem, as well as make the necessary repairs or replacements.

6. It is better for the environment.

Traditional sewer line repair takes a huge toll on the environment. Thanks to the large amount of soil that is dug up, as well as the plants and trees that are uprooted, the biosphere can be severely damaged.

7. It extends the longevity of your sewer pipes.

Due to the installation of an epoxy liner, pipes, even those that are decades old, are better able to resist bursting and root intrusions. Essentially, the epoxy liner acts as a second interior pipe that makes your sewer line stronger.

8. Trenchless technology can be used to repair almost all types and sizes of pipes.

As long as the damaged pipe still has the round shape the epoxy lining needs to adhere to, trenchless technology is a viable option. While this technique will not work on a pipe that has been crushed, it is highly effective for repairing pipes that have been damaged due to a break, corrosion, crack, or leak. In addition, epoxy lining solution can be used on pipes that are as small as those installed in homes, as well as a pipe so large an adult could easily walk through it.

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