6 Ways to Prevent Tendonitis in Louisiana

6 Ways to Prevent Tendonitis in Louisiana

An excessive amount of stress on the joints – particularly the shoulder, elbow and knee – can tear and cause tendons to swell, resulting in tendonitis. There are many ways to treat tendonitis in Louisiana, but we think the best course of action is to try to prevent it from developing in the first place.

So today, we’re discussing the most common causes of tendonitis and how to avoid it.

The 3 Most Common Causes Of Tendonitis

1. Recurring strain on the tendon. This occurs when a certain motion is performed repetitively, often with force added. Athletes, musicians and people who perform work-related motions repeatedly are at risk for tendonitis, as well as weekend warriors who overdo it.

2. Stressing the tendon. Lifting heavy loads or repetitively straining the tendon can easily cause tendonitis in Louisiana. This is a common issue among bodybuilders, especially if they fail to warm up properly or use incorrect form and techniques.

3. Being a “Boomer.” Over time, tendons lose their elasticity as people age, making baby boomers more susceptible to experiencing tendonitis. Anyone over the age of 40 is more vulnerable to stress and tearing as the tendons begin to become less pliable.

6 Things You Can Do To Avoid Developing Tendonitis in Louisiana

Avoiding tendonitis is much easier then treating it. If you apply these tips not only to your exercise and sports activities – but to your work routines as well – you can hopefully avoid tendonitis and its complications.

1. Take it gradual. Slowly increasing your activity level and ease into sports, exercise and weight lifting, especially if you’ve been less active for some time. Build up your strength and endurance slowly, not all at once.

2. Proper warm up is important. Always warm up before any activity, particularly a strenuous one. Take a minimum of 5 minutes to gently exercise the arms, legs and torso. Lift light weights before attempting heavy lifting. Putting too much stress on the tendons and joints without warming up first will aggravate the tendons and quickly result in tendonitis in Louisiana.

3. Control repetitions and motions that require force. For example, playing an intense game of tennis for two hours without being conditioned for it can lead to tennis elbow. Similarly, using a hand tool on an assembly line for eight hours a day, every day, can overexert the tendons in your hand and wrist and lead to tendonitis in Louisiana. If possible, avoid tasks that require ongoing repetitive movements.

4. Strengthen tendons and balance muscles. We highly recommend light resistance and weight training to improve your muscle and tendon strength. One muscle group may be stronger than others, which can add stress to the joints and opposing muscles. Work with an experienced trainer to develop a series of exercises that target each muscle group.

5. Don’t ignore pain. This may be the most important guideline. Respect your body’s warning signs and pay attention to pain. When you experience pain in your tendons or joints, this could be a sign that they’re under too much strain. Give it a rest or stop the exercise or activity altogether – do not try to push through the pain.

6. Adjust the joint position or exercise. Avoiding or modifying an activity that causes tendon and joint pain is a smart way to avoid developing tendonitis. Soft joint supports that offer mild compression and keep the joint warm can also be helpful.

If you are interested in more information regarding prevention of and treatment for tendonitis in Louisiana, trust the expert care provided by Dr. Richard Meyer. Why not call our office today to schedule a consultation?

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